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Kantega and Thamserku Ama Dablam Everest sunset from Gokyo Ri Matterhorn
Cliftonwood, Bristol Harbour Tengboche Monastery, Nepal Lac Blanc above Chamonix Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal
Sunrise, Bristol Harbour Bristol Balloon Fiesta The Matthew, Bristol Churchill, Bristol Balloon Fiesta
Churchill, Bristol Balloon Fiesta Royal York Crescent, Bristol Swan, Bristol Harbour Fireworks, Clifton Suspension Bridge (150 years since it opened, 7 Dec 2014)
Dave Gott

Hi! I'm a retired software developer currently living on the fabulous Bristol Harbourside in the UK.

I enjoy travelling, hiking, photography and creating the occasional website - some of which are illustrated below.

All sites work best on a large screen (2560 x 1440 or above recommended) with a pointing device and fast connection.


The story of Your Life so far - key events from history, technology, sport, film and music juxtaposed on Your Timeline, and how long you have left to live (according to the Office of National Statistics). Click an Album or Film image to see details on davegott.com/music or davegott.com/films.

Examples:   Stephen Fry   The Queen

Your Life - Summary


Some of my travel photos eg. Nepal, Alps, South America, Bristol etc.



This website figures out the best ever films by Genre, Actor, Director, Year, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Freeview or UK Town and the best Actors and Directors for every decade since 1915, and of all time.


Best Films of 1968
Best Films now Showing in Bristol (if updated!)
Best Alfred Hitchcock Films
Best Actors by decade
Best Directors by decade



Features 1200 artists and 22000 albums chosen by a wide range of critics as amongst the best ever - and explains why. Click on an album or playlist to listen via Spotify (if you've an account).

Examples:   David Bowie   Uncut Magazine: Best 75 Albums of 2018


davegott.com/nobel-prize-winners   Nobel Pies

View Images and Biographies of all Nobel Prize Winners by Category, Year, Country or Gender.

Nobel Prize Winners

SlideShow Aspect 3:2


SlideShow Aspect 16:9

Note : Can be slow to start up, depending on your connection.

Some of my photos with image transitions from WOW Slider. Start slide, image transition type and duration are randomised so each show is unique.

Slideshow 1C Slideshow 1B

Beautiful Interactive Graphs Website

This was amazing. Far better than sliced bread. But Java support has been dropped by all browsers now so all you can do is gaze forlornly at the static images below.

This was a project to try the Java language and to animate some of the beautiful graphs in a fabulous book by Jean-Paul Delahaye, Professeur, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille : "Geometric and Artistic Graphics - Design Generation with Microcomputers", MacMillan 1986. For this I converted the original Basic programs to Java and added colour, detail, rotation, animation and an interactive website.

Interactive Graphs Interactive Graphs Graphs

Python Image Viewer

(Python the language, not a viewer for pythons). I've written this for my own use to address some of the limitations of many simple image viewers.

x x x x x

Most image viewers I've tried (unless you invest time and money in a top end app like Adobe Lightroom) seem to have major limitations built in for some reason. My viewer above has the following benefits :

Remote Control Bristol Harbour Camera

This project involved mounting a full frame digital SLR on my bathroom window sill, 2 storeys up, with a view along Bristol Harbour to the M-shed Museum and Prince Street Bridge. The camera could be triggered remotely via email, manually from a local computer or automatically driven by a timetable linked to sunrise times. Click the above link for a slide show from some of the resulting images.

iot_camera_examples.jpg slides_bristol_harbour.jpg

NOTE : the web pages below here are currently offline.

(for possible tweaking/updating if/when I find time).


  • Explore over 100 Best Album lists, over 5000 Artists, over 10000 Albums.
  • Search by Artist and see at a glance their best albums chronologically (and their very very best - those in many lists).
  • Stream via Spotify, iTunes, Apple or Amazon (account required).
  • Choose Album Cover Size. Sort by Rank, Artist, Album, Genre or Date.
  • Click Album Title for Reviews (via albumoftheyear.org).
  • Listen to track previews for over 5000 Albums (no account required).
  • Calculates the best 1000 albums of all time (based on how many lists an album appears in and it's average list position).
  • Calculates the best decades for great albums.


Rolling Stone Magazine : 500 Greatest Albums of All Time : 1-100
Album of the Year : Best 200 Albums of 2019
The Guardian : 100 Best Albums of the 21st Century : 1-100
davegott.com bestalbums : 1000 Best Albums of All Time : 1-100
Best Albums by Decade - was music better in the old days?

Best Albums


  • The 1000 Best Music Artists / Bands of all time - as calculated by this website (see below for how).
  • Click an Artist image for their Spotify "This is ..." playlist.
  • Search by Artist / Band
  • Test your music knowledge - turn Captions off and try to identify the Artists (hover over an image for the answer).
  • You can view the data in Table format - which shows #Albums and Avg. Pos. (which are used to rank the Artists).
    #Albums : number of times an album by this Artist appears in a list on www.davegott.com/bestalbums
    Avg. Pos. : Average list position for the above albums (1 is best).
Best Artists

SlideShow 3

Sorry this has been de-commissioned for now.
Features 9 simultaneous synchronised slide shows. Recommended screen width : > 750px.

The 9 slideshows run on 9 tiles whose spacing can be altered. Sometimes the 9 images are independent and sometimes they are portions of one large image.

Slideshow 3A Slideshow 3B

Copyright and image use

All images on this website are copyright Dave Gott. They may be downloaded for personal non-profit use or for promoting Bristol - if so please credit the source : "davegott.com".

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